Buyer Services

Reliance Funding Group also represents corporate and private investors in acquiring businesses, joint venture projects, Employee buyouts, growth & project financing, IPO consulting and international connectivity assistance.

Companies seeking to grow their business will retain our firm for a variety of goals. Many small cap companies can dramatically enhance their revenue streams through a variety of strategies. Connect with our group to cultivate your business.

Our Vissin

Reliance Funding advises the management of companies in formulating buyout plans. Such plans may include advising management on alternative courses of action, presenting the plan to the Board of Directors, negotiating the terms of the transaction, and arranging financing.

Growth Capital

Through our extensive network of resources, we are able to raise both the debt and equity that is required to support management teams that may have limited resources needed to successfully manage the transfer. Our group works closely with management. We anticipate the probable responses by shareholders and Boards of Directors and prepare plans accordingly.

Reliance Funding Group has strong connections to a variety of lending entities for Sr. secured, mezzanine, bridge, project and short term debt needs. We can determine the optimum finance structure for your companies growth needs.


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