Strategic Planning and Advisory Services

Every company needs a plan, a direction, a purpose. Understanding what the company wants, and what it needs to do to obtain the results desired, a process called Strategic Planning.

Reliance Funding will help you develop your plan. We can assist management and the board to define a company's mission and help create an effective strategy based on research, analysis and defined parameters.

Our group will conduct a thorough assessment a company, it strengths and weaknesses as well as it’s threats and opportunities to identify strategies for a systematic growth and detail a very clear road map to increase its value. The approach of such methodology has been carefully designed to match the views of a potential investor considering such company as an investment opportunity. The result of such exercise is achieving an “institutional ready” stage, prior to taking the company to the next phase. Basically stated, we want your company to make money. Whether the goal is IPO, sale or just to increase market share and aggressively pursue new challenges.

Our advisory services can be a stand alone consultation or part of a larger strategy. We bring a wealth of connections to institutional entities, as well as legal and accounting firms that can assist in a successful IPO, capital launch, joint ventue, consolidation, M&A.



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